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The chefs in the Speech Republic kitchen are an eclectic mix of personalities. We come from a variety of backgrounds, from theater to political science and American Studies. Together we are constantly on the lookout for new ‘recipes’ for creating magic communication. Get to know the people behind Speech Republic. Please feel free to ask whatever you want to know!

The Team

Maartje van Bavel

Speech Republic coach - The Powerbroker

The world is changing, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Change is fueled by people with a vision and revolutionary ideas. People who have the guts to be different and go against the grain. What could be more exciting and powerful than making a real difference? The great thing is: we all have the power to do it. I love empowering people to change the world just by using their ideals.

Bas Mouton

Speech Republic coach - The Speechfreak

Speech Republic supports individuals and organizations that want to make a difference, whether it's politicians that impact an entire society, or team leaders that want to motivate their team. I work with those who separate themselves from the masses, those who initiate real change, real impact. I believe it is my mission to ignite that fire, which is why I founded Speech Republic. I believe that it’s better for the world and those who live in it.

Jurko van Veenendaal

Speech Republic coach - The Nightingale

To me, real magic means being in contact: with yourself, with your message and with your audience. As a singer, I’m well aware that the stage is the perfect place to experience that magic and create a connection. It doesn’t matter what you want to put across - a product, yourself, important research results - if you are willing to speak from the heart you can always create magic on stage. I am happy to help you do that.

Roisin van Ravenhorst

Speech Republic coach - The American

I love my job because I get to see the world through new eyes every day, namely through the eyes of my clients. I get a glimpse into their beautiful minds and worlds. I get to see the insights and quirks that make their stories, and my job, so magical. It’s my job, as a coach, to stretch people’s minds. We all have the potential to be visionaries, but the person who needs to believe that first is you.

Monique van der Werff

Speech Republic coach - The Director

There’s nowhere to hide on stage. It’s quite the challenge to give speakers the courage to be themselves, to let them take the stage on their own terms. Nothing beats witnessing people show their authentic self and establish lasting change, no matter how big or small. Everything has impact, one way or another.

Danielle Veneman

Speech Republic coach - The Connector

Stories can move others deeply, creating real purpose in people’s lives. The right story at the right time can impact your decisions and behavior. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you and your impactful story are the root of that change? All I do is making sure that people feel empowered to tell their own unique stories, which gives them the priceless gift of true connection.

Beerd Beukenhorst

Speech Republic coach - The (Mad) Scientist

Words matter. Appearance matters. Everyone recognizes sincerity and stories can stir up a storm. It’s magic to see how people can build entire worlds with words and can bring ideas to life. It is a privilege to work with that sometimes minute, sometimes enormous power and see how it helps people flourish.

Marle Smit

Speech Republic coach - The Polygot

My love for languages and endless curiosity for what motivates people are joined in stories. Your stories! I believe that stories have the power to connect people. This allows for mutual understanding to grow and then room for change is created; inside organizations or beyond. Important in all this, is that you speak the language of your audience so that you can touch their minds and hearts. What makes my job great is that I may explore, together with you, how you can make this ‘translation’…while staying true to who you are as a person!

Bianca Otten

Office manager - The Smile

I believe that a great training makes you feel welcome, takes away your worries and allows you to focus. I personally make sure of that by taking care of everything from planning to billing and all other organizational matters. That’s what Speech Republic and I stand for: welcome, warmth, care and magic.

Rik Rottier

Speech Republic coach - The Stand-up Comedian

Even as a child, I was fascinated by comedians and inspiring speakers who could transport me to new worlds. That’s what I wanted to be able to do, so I studied Law and Business Administration. From my own experience as a stand-up comedian I learned that you can only touch your audience if you draw them into your vision of the world. Everyone has a unique view of the world, but that special sound is not spread or heard often enough. I want to bring you closer to your own sound, so you can inspire and motivate your audience!

Renske Driesten

Speech Republic coach – The Artificial Intelligencist

People are at their best when they are themselves. My fascination with authenticity means that I’m always in search of finding the real you. A story gets a deeper meaning when the speaker is his/herself, at the same time it increases the possibility to truly touch and inspire ones audience. Because of my background in Neuropsychology and Artificial Intelligence, I know that the rational and emotional go hand in hand. The same applies to magical communication. Together, we investigate how you can share your story with your audience in a way that gets your audience moving, thinking. So that in the end you can make that difference that you are aspire to on stage!

Monique Baidjnath-Badloe

Speech Republic coach - The Interviewer

Words have an impact, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they can make a world of difference. Just like a mantra can affirm the spoken word, you have the ability to strengthen your communication message to have impact. By speaking and by listening. To my mind, magical communication is a mindset, one in which you utilise your full range of qualities in service of your story and your audience. It is the moment that you surrender yourself to the energy that emanates from your words, whilst completely trusting in it. It is not a trick, it is Empowerment. It’s optimizing your own unique qualities. For me it is truly a privilege to be able to guide people in the search of their own inner potential.

Natascha Jacobsz

Speech Republic coach – CNBC Anchor

As a South African and growing up in a multi-cultural environment, I’ve always been fascinated by people and their stories. Even more so, when I started traveling the world as a journalist and anchor for CNBC Africa. The more I travelled… the more I engaged with people both in studio and in the field, the more I experienced the universality of the human condition and with it, the need to connect with others. As a Speech Republic Coach I believe that sharing stories regardless of the type of podium, is a way to forge that connection – to connect yourself with the world of your audience regardless of language, culture or geography.


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