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Presentation Training

Don’t you want to give magic presentations at congresses, board meetings or for your employees? Forget about using tricks. What matters is that you want to make a real difference (you). Have the courage to address difficult issues and express your vision (something) and be prepared to give it your all (me).

Do you have an important meeting coming up? Discover how we can raise the bar on your presentational skills. Whether or not you are experienced on stage, take the first step towards your future as magic communicator.

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Communication Training

Dealing with people is a skill: they don’t always do what you expect. There are times they don’t understand you, or you don’t understand them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be a magic communicator every day? You will be, once you master the principles of magic communication, put them to work on stage and can apply them at meetings. You learn to engage the audience (you), to say what really matters (something) and have the courage to be authentic and open (me).

If your goals include the following: I want to be heard, to be acknowledged, to make an impact during meetings and on my employees, then these courses are perfect for you. You will benefit from them every day.

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It’s not easy to be a leader. Even calling yourself a leader is quite a step. If you guide people, regardless of how many, then you are a leader. Give them the leadership they need. Share your vision of the future (something), connect with them on a personal level (me) and make them feel understood (you).

Speech Republic helps leaders all over the world discover their true leadership.

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We offer the only 100% camera-free media training in the Netherlands. After all, the last thing you need is to be self-conscious about your on-screen appearance. We believe the essence lies in showing more of who you really are. So forget the camera! Talk to the people at home, those who want to hear a good story (something), want to get to know you (me) and want you to address them personally (you).

Do you have an important media appearance tonight? Give us a call, we can help you. However, it’s even better if you don’t have a deadline; that gives us more time to add magic to your story.

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There are thousands of sales models in the world. But any experienced salesperson will tell you that selling has nothing to do with models. What matters is connecting with the client. To create a connection, you must understand the client (you), have a good story to tell (something) and build a relationship at a personal level (me).

Do you have an important pitch coming up? Call us and let us help you increase your chances of success. Do you want to learn how to create magic in all of your future pitches? This training course is an excellent choice.

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Talks & Workshops

A talk or workshop packed with inspiration, dynamic and humor that enables you to rethink how to communicate with more impact. 

Gift yourself, your event, your team or organization an inspiring talk or interactive workshop of Speech Republic. It is the first step to communicate with more impact.

Do you have a specific question? We can help out!

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