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For ambitious teams that want make a difference in their daily communication. This training course gets is a favorite with entrepreneurs, aldermen, lawyers, managers, HR partners, sales executives and account managers.

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Everyday Impact

Incompany group training

Prepare for impact

Looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your team both inside and outside the office? Just imagine how much you might achieve: plans that hit home, unprecedented efficiency in meetings and conferences, increased mutual understanding by honestly listening to each other. Become a team with real impact. Great for teambuilding and getting to know each other better, both on stage and off!

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
Winston Churchill

The Everyday Impact course handles all your issues concerning magic in all your communications. For maximum effects, we advise you to take the four day course, but shorter programs are also available.

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Everyday Impact

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After you sign up, we will contact you to discuss your wishes and ambitions. Then we will put together your learning program.

The program for the most popular version of Everyday Impact: the 4-day training course, is described below.

Intake interview

During an intake interview, all participants identify their learning goals. You receive a challenging homework assignment, which gives immediate insight into your personal magic.

Day 1: ‘Make a Change’

Discover your future as communicator. Define your goals and discover what’s holding you back. Learn how you can make a real difference in every communication moment and find out how you can motivate your audience to take action.

Day 2: ‘Make the Connection’

Listen genuinely to others and discover how to create a connection and initiate change. Discover your unique presence on stage and learn how to really relate to your audience.

Day 3: ‘Rise up to the Challenge’

Learn to hold your head high when you are challenged. Find out how you can inspire others with your unique personal experiences. Learn to make your point in a surprising way – with energy and courage, even when you want to discuss a difficult topic.

Day 4: ‘Make the Difference’

Discover how to work your ‘magic communication’ more often. Create a personal action plan where everything falls into place in your personal ‘pledge’. This is a commitment to yourself: your future as a communicator.


After every training day, you receive personal feedforward – written, individual feedback.

Takeout interview

A month after the training, you have a ‘takeout call’ with your Speech Republic coach. We discuss how you can apply everything you have learned even more effectively in practice.

Our approach

You do not learn any standard communication tricks, instead you look for your own communication style and vision. You discover how to reach your audience with your message every time. It is a voyage of discovery into your personal leadership in your daily communication. We apply our own unique method:

  • Plenty of personal attention
  • Small groups (a maximum of 6 participants per trainer)
  • Very specific feedback – your (hidden) capabilities and learning goals are key
  • No standard communication tricks, but real development as a communicator
  • Very little theory, plenty of practice on stage!
  • As you experiment, you discover what the nine magic laws can do for you
  • Also learn by being a ‘conscious audience’ for co-participants
  • Playful method with room for both humor and reflection
  • A personal action plan for more magic in your communication
  • You receive the certificate ‘Master of Magic’ on successful completion of the training.

 On stage

You are in fact ‘on stage’ during all important communication moments, and the ‘other’ is your audience. That’s why you train intensively on stage. The stage is more than just a metaphor: the stage magnifies daily life, and helps you to quickly get to the core of your personal communication. The stage is definitely not a place to ‘pretend’, the stage is merciless when it comes to hypocrisy. In this training you learn to be genuine in artificial circumstances.

Want to learn more about our unique approach? Here you can read all about the Speech Republic method and approach.


We work in small groups of max. 6 people per coach to make sure there’s enough room for individual progress. One group costs  €4,060 excl. VAT total.

This training is all inclusive, meaning:

  • Extensive intake call to define goals and ambitions
  • Personal feedforward after each session
  • Our book Magic in all your communications
  • Use of training theater
  • Preparation from the trainer
  • Interim guidance
  • Catering & parking 


We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay. Fortunately, this has yet to happen.

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