Media training


And action!

The journalists are ready to roll the camera. This is the moment to tell your story. You are probably feeling the pressure. Particularly if you want to discuss a sensitive subject or a complete new vision. Whatever the situation, it is extremely important to be at your most powerful.

  • Convey your message powerfully and in a relaxed manner (more me)
  • Actually say something, instead of giving ‘no comment’ (more something)
  • Reach the right people with your message (more you)

These three elements add magic to communication, and it’s only with that magic that you can make a real difference.

“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”
Mark Twain

The media, your platform

A media appearance is perfect setting for (organizational) storytelling. Most traditional media trainings teach you how not to say what you really want to say. We do things differently. We believe that every fair question deserves a fair answer. A good media appearance can benefit you and your organization greatly. Do you want to learn how convey your message in a powerful way? Then this is without a doubt the right course for you!

The course

Our media training is guaranteed 100 percent camera free. We believe that camera analysis makes everyone a poorer speaker. Camera analysis causes you to notice things that other people don’t even see. We believe you should focus on getting your story across as powerfully as possible and not on irrelevant issues such as the tone of voice or how you move your hands.

Process & programme

Pick a date!

You will be called within 24 hours so we schedule the sessions!


During a personal intake with your Speech Republic coach, we identify your ambitions and what you want to get out of your media appearance. You receive an assignment, so we can get straight to work!

Two individual sessions

During each session, you examine where the power of your story lies and ways to create more magic during that media appearance by adding more me, more you and more something.

We identify ways of impactfully and effectively formulating your core message, how to engage your audience with that message and how to stay strong during a tough media appearance. The sessions are held in our training theater in The Hague or Amsterdam.


You receive personal feedforward after each session. This written individual feedback recognizes the steps you have taken as a speaker. You can also use it as ‘homework’ for the next session.


We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay.


We use our one-of-a-kind magic training method in this course:

  • We focus on your strengths and hidden talents to make you even more powerful. There’s a lot of room for personal feedback and attention. We look for the moments when you enjoy yourself and communicate from your inner strength.
  • You look for your own communication power.
  • All our courses are one hundred percent camera and actor free. We make sure that you can focus on what truly matters: making an impact on your audience.
  • We do not believe in tricks. We don’t care how high-pitched your voice sounds or how you move your hands.
  • You get challenging assignments that offer insights into your (hidden) capabilities. You will research your own personality and discover what works best for you.
  • You will spend a lot of time on stage, because that’s where it all happens. It doubles the speed of your progress.
  • You are in the spotlights. There are very few abstract theoretical lessons, the focus is on discovering your qualities and enjoying yourself on stage.

After this course

You are able use every media appearance as a stage for your story
You know how to formulate your key message in a powerful way
You know how to take the lead in an interview or conversation

Do you have a burning question? Our trainers are at your disposal. Give us a call on 020 330 1250 or send an email to