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4 training days
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For teams that want to make a real impact with their message.

This course is popular with account, management, and strategy teams, HR departments and lawyers.

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Taking the Stage

Incompany group training

Take the Stage, change the world

As a team or department, you frequently take the stage or want to take the stage more often. Your stories – or stage moments – may increase the success of your organization. Examples of such moments may be a presentation for the board, an employee meeting or a conference or other event? Making a real impact is crucial at every one of these moments. Imagine that, at these moments, everyone in your team:

  • Displays their most powerful self (more me)
  • Knows how to inspire the audience to take action (more you)
  • Shows leadership and courage by addressing real issues (more something)

Those three elements add magic to your communication. Only with that magic, can you make a real difference with your audience!

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” 
– John F. Kennedy

How often have you sat in an audience and thought: this is boring. Tedious presentations are often filled with information that has no relevance to you – the audience. We call this: content dumping. Content dumping can’t make a lasting impact. Would you like to learn how to engage audiences with honest, heartfelt stories so they feel inspired? So much so that your every presentation, pitch or speech is an instrument for change? Then Taking the Stage is the course for you.

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Taking the Stage

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After Taking the Stage

  • You know exactly which skills to apply during important presentations
  • Your impact is significantly greater
  • You have a greater chance of giving magic presentations and speeches


The Taking the Stage training consists of an intake, four training days (broken up into two blocks of 2 days) and a takeout. There is a break of two weeks between the two blocks. Would you like more information? Fill in your details on the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We have a handy brochure as well.


Your learning goals are defined during a personal intake interview with your Speech Republic coach. You receive a challenging homework assignment in which you immediately discover your own magic.

Day 1 (More me) Show your most powerful self

Learn how to increase your presence and make your passion for your profession visible on stage. Learn how to grab the attention of your audience and better yet: keep it.

Day 2 (More you) Inspire others to start doing something

Learn how to build focus in your story,, how to engage your (critical) audience and how to present your story creatively with passion and courage.

Day 3 (More something) Have the guts to say what you want to say

Discover how you can bring your vision to life with colorful image of the future. Learn to build tension into your story and inspire others with your unique experiences.

Day 4 (Let me tell you something) Make the difference, feel the magic!

You learn how to combine the me, you and something elements in your story in your own way. You discover ways to get the audience on the edge of their seats from the very first second you get on that stage. We conclude day 4 with your fantastic final presentations of your magic stories in front of an audience.


After each training day, you receive personal feedforward – written, individual feedback. A month after finishing this course, you have a takeout telephone call with your Speech Republic coach and pinpoint how to put you have learned into practice.

Our approach

In Taking the Stage we look at your leadership on stage and identify your individual, unique way of engaging your audience. Our one-of-a-kind approach, based on the magic laws of communication, consists of the following:

  • Plenty of individual attention and feedback, focused on exposing your (hidden) talents and learning needs.
  • We work in small groups (max. 6 persons per group).
  • No standard presentation tricks, it’s about your development as an authentic speaker.
  • Not a lot of theory. You spend a lot of time on stage because that’s where it all happens. As you experiment, you discover the benefits of the nine magic laws to you.
  • There’s plenty of room for humor and reflection.
  • You examine your own personality and discover what works best for you.
  • You learn a lot from your fellow trainees; watching them on stage shows you what does (or does not) work.
  • Complete with a fantastic final presentation where you get to share your magic story with an audience.
  • You receive a certificate Master of Magic after successful completion of this course.

Want to learn more about our unique approach? Here you can read all about the Speech Republic approach and method.


To achieve spectacular results during this course, we work in small groups of max. 6 people per coach. The price for one group is €16,400 excl. VAT.

This is all inclusive, which means:

  • An extensive intake (telephone call) to define goals and ambitions
  • Personal feedforward report after each session
  • Our book Magic In All Your Communications
  • Use of training theater
  • Lunch in our restaurant
  • Preparations from the trainer
  • Interim guidance
  • Takeout interview
  • Catering and parking


We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay! Fortunately, this has yet to happen.


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