Talk: More magic in your stories


Want to take your event or conference to the next level?

Would you like your company (or guests) to learn about the basic principles of magic communication? Would you like to know what more me, more you and more something mean? This inspiring talk, shows the audience how to add the magic elements (more me, more you, more something) to their story and apply them immediately. After this highly dynamic, fun talk no presentation will ever be the same!

Impact on the audience

Our ambition is to send everyone home inspired and energized. That’s why there is an intake chat between you and the Speech Republic speaker beforehand, so the story can be matched with the audience and the topic of the day.

A gift for all our participants

Our successful book Magic In Your Communications is the perfect gift for the participants. A lasting reminder to ensure the inspiration lasts way beyond the event. We will put together a customized proposal, depending on the number of participants.


We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay!

After this talk

The audience will know the principles of magic communication
All participants will be inspired and motivated
No presentation will ever be the same

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