A talk or workshop packed with inspiration, dynamic and humor that enables you to rethink how to communicate with more impact.

To create change with your communication is a massive superpower. At Speech Republic, we live and breath change.

Whether you prepare yourself to an important moment to speak, or you want to bring your story alive within your organization, or you want to fundamentally strengthen your communication power – you want to connect, inspire and activate your audience with your words. At Speech Republic, we always focus on the most purest, most personal and most ancient way of communication: the spoken word from human to human.

Gift yourself, your event, your team or organization an inspiring talk or interactive workshop of Speech Republic. It is the first step to communicate with more impact. 


Leadership & storytelling
The biggest amplifiers of impact
Transform your strategy from paper to inspiration and activation
Make connection through your digital screen
The power of stories

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Speech Republic offers (tailor made) inspiring talks or interactive workshops starting from € 2.800,-  excluding VAT.

After an inspiring talk or interactive workshop

You have tools how your strategy can motivate to more inspiration and activation
You have discovered how you create meaningful connection with your audience and present yourself with more power on stage
You have laughed, learned and gained wisdom how to communicate with more impact

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