Make a difference on your own terms

Communication is a huge part of our work: meetings, consulting, sales calls, job interviews, conversations with your employees, meetings with the management team and so on. Your success depends on the impact you make at those moments.

Can you imagine being so filled with positive energy at every communication moment that you are able to bring about change? In other words, empowered communication. If you can make a difference at all those moments, you can:

  • Be your most powerful self (more me);
  • Inspire your audience to take action (more you);
  • Say what you really want to say (more something)

These three factors add magic into your communication. Only with that magic can you truly bring about change in your audience! This program is popular with executives.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
Winston Churchill

The course

In this training course (consisting of 6 individual sessions) you take a spectacular step towards becoming a powerful communicator. You look at different ways to make an impact with your message. You learn to use the power of your story. If you want to badly enough, you can make a difference at each communication moment. By learning to build on your own strengths during the course, your communication power will grow exponentially. Your learning goals, ambitions and personal qualities are the focal points of each session.


It’s a match!

Once you sign up for the course, we call you to match you with the right coach.

Scheduling the sessions

Bianca, our fantastic office manager, ensures that all the sessions are scheduled.

Intake interview

Your learning goals are identified in a personal interview with your Speech Republic coach. You receive a challenging homework assignment, which immediately reveals your unique magic.

Six individual sessions

During each session you – and the Speech Republic coach – investigate how you – as a leader – can add magic to your visionary story. We do this by looking for ways you can add ‘more me, more you and more something’ to your story. The sessions are filled with positive energy, fun and exercises.

You spend most of your time on stage where your power as a Thought Leader lies. We work extensively with the stage, because it is a magnified version of reality. The lessons learned can be applied to every communication moment.

More me: Discover how you can be your most powerful self – and show it

Your passion is what drives your innovative ideas, dreams and vision. In this course you discover how they become the driving force of your story.

More you: Discover how you can inspire and motivate others

You discover how to move others with your story by putting yourself in their place. From inspiration to motivation.

More something: Discover the power of your story

You are a visionary thinker, focused on the future. In this course you learn how to communicate your vision so that it has real, lasting impact and will be remembered. You discover what you are for and against – and how that adds impact to your story.


After each session you receive your personal feedforward: custom feedback pinpointing what makes you a powerful speaker, but also where there is room for improvement. You can apply it immediately, but it is also a useful reference for the future.


A month after the completion of the course, you will have a takeout talk with your Speech Republic coach, where we discuss how you can best put what you have learned into practice.


’We use our one-of-a-kind magic training method in this course:

  • We focus on your strengths and hidden talents to make you even more powerful. There’s a lot of room for personal feedback and attention. We look for the moments when you enjoy yourself and communicate from your inner strength.
  • You look for your own communication power.
  • All our courses are one hundred percent camera and actor free. We make sure that you can focus on what truly matters: making an impact on your audience.
  • We do not believe in tricks. We don’t care how high-pitched your voice sounds or how you move your hands.
  • You get challenging assignments that offer insights into your (hidden) capabilities. You will research your own personality and discover what works best for you.
  • You will spend a lot of time on stage, because that’s where it all happens. It doubles the speed of your progress.
  • You are in the spotlights. There are very few abstract theoretical lessons, the focus is on discovering your qualities and enjoying yourself on stage.


The price for one session is €1,680 excl. VAT. Six sessions cost €10,080 excl. VAT in total.

This course is all inclusive, which means:

  • Extensive intake to define goals and ambitions
  • Personal feedforward report after each session
  • Our book Magic In All Your Communications
  • Use of training theater
  • Preparations from the coach
  • Interim guidance
  • Takeout interview
  • Food and drinks from our partner Bullewijck
  • Parking


We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay!

After this course

You find it easier to get a point across during meetings and conversations
You are more able to engage others (even if it’s a tough crowd)
You are a much more effective communicator

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