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6 sessions (3 hours each)
€10,080 excl. VAT

For ambitious speakers who want to inspire and motivate their audiences. These are generally CEOs, partners in legal or accountancy firms, politicians, board members, ambitious entrepreneurs and high potentials.

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The Magic Communicator

Individual course

Take the stage, change the world

You’re on stage frequently or you’ve been asked to take the stage more often, so you want to create a compelling story. Each time you take the stage it is a chance to bring about change with your vision. Whether it’s in a shareholders meeting, large conferences or other platforms, the strength of your communication determines the difference you can make. What exactly is your message and how does it resonate with your audience, co-workers, clients or employees?

Imagine that at important moments on stage, you have the skills to:

  • Be your most powerful self (more me)
  • Say what you want to say (more something)
  • Inspire your audience to take action (more you)

These three elements (me, you and something) add magic to your communication. You need that magic to make a real difference to your audience.

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world”
John F. Kennedy

Want to know how you, in your own impactful and authentic way, can use the power of honest storytelling to engage your audience? Do you want to take the stage with confidence and pleasure and truly connect with your audience when it counts? If you really want to inspire your audience then this is the course for you.

The course

In this course (minimum of 6 individual sessions) you make amazing headway in your powers as a presenter. You and your coach carry out basic, 1-on-1 research into how you can engage your audience with your story. You learn to make a real impact by magnifying the power of your story. This enables you to convey your message in a powerful way, in any setting. Everything is focused on elevating your presentational strength to the highest level. Your ambitions, learning goals and talents are key in this course.

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The Magic Communicator

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After this course

  • You have the skills to share your story in your own unique way: don’t imitate, innovate!
  • You have more power and fun on stage
  • You have a greater chance of giving magic presentations and speeches


It’s a match

After you have signed up for this course, we will call you for a short intake. This helps us to select the right coach for you.

Planning the sessions 

After checking with you, Bianca, our super back office manager, will schedule in the sessions.


During a personal intake meeting with your Speech Republic coach, your learning objectives are identified. You are given a challenging homework assignment that immediately reveals where your own magic lies.

Six individual sessions

Each session you examine your strength as a magic communicator in presentations and speeches in more detail. That means learning how to use the power of your own story. These sessions are full of fun, energy and practical exercises. You will be on stage most of the time, which is where you find your power as a speaker. In each session you and your coach identify how to add more me, more you and more something when you are on stage.

More me: Discover how to be your most powerful self and show it!

For example: how can you connect with your audience and increase your stage presence? Your personal stories and drivers make you who you are. Learn how to use them on stage!

More something: Discover the power of your story.

You examine how to make your message crystal clear and filled with the power of proof. Reveal the leadership vision in your story and make it work for you (and your audience).

More you: Discover how you can inspire and activate others.

You examine different ways to appeal to your audience by putting yourself in their shoes. This is how you can bring about change with your story.


You receive personal feedforward after each session. This written, tailor-made feedback pinpoints your progress but also identifies areas for improvement. It is immediately applicable, but it is also great for future reference.


A month after you’ve finished this course you have a take-out call with your Speech Republic coach. During this meeting you discuss how you can get the most out of what you have learned.


We use our one-of-a-kind magic training method in this course:

  • We focus on your strengths and hidden talents to make you even more powerful. There’s a lot of room for personal feedback and attention. We look for the moments when you enjoy yourself and communicate from your inner strength.
  • You look for your own communication power.
  • All our courses are one hundred percent camera and actor free. We make sure that you can focus on what truly matters: making an impact on your audience.
  • We do not believe in tricks. We don’t care how high-pitched your voice sounds or how you move your hands.
  • You get challenging assignments that offer insights into your (hidden) capabilities. You will research your own personality and discover what works best for you.
  • You will spend a lot of time on stage, because that’s where it all happens. It doubles the speed of your progress.
  • You are in the spotlights. There are very few abstract theoretical lessons, the focus is on discovering your qualities and enjoying yourself on stage.

Want to learn more about our unique approach? Here you can read all about the Speech Republic method and approach.


The price for each session is €1,680 excl. VAT. The price for six sessions is €10,080 excl. VAT.

This training is all-inclusive, which means: 

  • A detailed intake call to identify goals and ambitions
  • Individual feedforward after each session
  • Our book Magic In All Your Communications
  • Use of training theater
  • Preparation from the coach
  • Interim mentoring
  • Take-out conversation
  • Catering & parking


At Speech Republic we offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay. Fortunately, this has yet to happen.

That’s a lot to take in!

It sure is. Download the The Magic Communicator brochure that has all the information you need, and re-read it at your leisure.

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