Winning pitches


In it to win it!

Is your sales team determined to reach the top? Isn’t it high time you started performing better at sales meetings and pitches? Do you have a new proposition for a customer, but you need to perfect the story? Follow this dynamic and inspiring training and increase your chances of winning all your future pitches.

‘Pitches are made to show the customer how great he can be.’
Speech Republic

The training course

You work on discovering your true strengths as communicators. At the same time, we identify everyone’s (individual) strengths during pitches. Participants can use these valuable insights when preparing for every pitch. This training is perfect for people in a sales role, helping them to excel in sales conversations and during the pitch itself.



We will call you within 24 hours after you register to identify your wishes and ambitions. Then we will draft a program for you.

Intake interview

There is a personal intake with every participant where examine your learning objectives in depth. You receive an assignment before the first session, which immediately exposes your own magic.

The 2-day course

You will discover how you can add more magic to your pitch using the principles of: more me, more you and more something. We will focus on the following themes:

More me in your pitches

Does the potential client get to know the pitcher better? Do we understand what drives this person and why he or she will go that extra yard for the client? Does the pitcher dare to be fully present and connect with the potential client?

More something in your pitches

Does the speaker get lost in abstract ideas or does he show the client how much better it will be once he has worked with your company? Can he substantiate that, with rational and emotional proof? Does he avoid difficult issues or does he show courage and leadership by facing them head on?

More you in your pitches

Does the client fully understand what the consultant or accountant wants from him? Can the client feel that you really want to win this job? Is he willing to walk a mile in the client’s shoes? Is he able to make an emotional connection with the client?


You receive personal feedforward after each session – written individual feedback.


We use our one-of-a-kind magic training method in this course.

  • We focus on your strengths and hidden talents to make you even more powerful. There’s a lot of room for personal feedback and attention. We look for the moments when you enjoy yourself and communicate from your inner strength.
  • You look for your own communication power.
  • All our courses are one hundred percent camera and actor free. We make sure that you can focus on what truly matters: making an impact on your audience.
  • We do not believe in tricks. We don’t care how high-pitched your voice sounds or how you move your hands.
  • You get challenging assignments that offer insights into your (hidden) capabilities. You will research your own personality and discover what works best for you.
  • You will spend a lot of time on stage, because that’s where it all happens. It doubles the speed of your progress.
  • You are in the spotlights. There are very few abstract theoretical lessons, the focus is on discovering your qualities and enjoying yourself on stage.


To achieve spectacular results, we work in small groups of max. 6 participants per coach. The price per group is €4,060 excl. VAT per day.

This course is all inclusive, which means:

  • Extensive intake to define goals and ambitions
  • Personal feedforward after each session
  • Our book Magic In All Your Communications
  • Use of training theater
  • Preparations of the coach
  • Food and drinks from our partner Bullewijck
  • Parking

We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. No cure, no pay!

After this course

Your chances of winning pitches increase significantly
Your story is more compelling and enticing because the client is key
You have an inspiring sales meeting or pitch that impresses the client

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