Individual development

Thought Leadership

Individual course (from 6 sessions)

You want to be a Thought Leader in your area of expertise. You want to develop an inspiring and authentic story that you can deliver in every possible way, both in articles and at conferences. This course is focused entirely on creating Thought Leadership.


Magic Leadership

Individual course

Leaders know that magical communication is essential. You, as a leader, want to learn how you can move others with your story. After this training, you can be your most powerful self at communication moments that matter – without tricks. Learn to say exactly what you want to say and inspire your audience to take action.



My Personal Corporate Story

Incompany group training

Speech Republic was founded to help individuals improve their stories. However, for organizations to bring about real change, all employees must feel connected to that story. They must discover the story for themselves and embody it. That is why Speech Republic was born. If you can change the stories being told in your organization, then you change the organization. What it comes down to is, let us (the organization) tell you (newcomers, outside world) something (strategy, mission).


Magic Leadership

Incompany group training (2-4 days)

Every leader should be capable of magic communication. Everyone benefits: managers, employees and potential clients. In Magic Leadership we train leaders to their full potential.


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