Individual development

Owning the mic

Individual course

You want to learn how to deal with media. You want to stop being on the defensive and let the media work for you instead. Sound good? Then this is the perfect training for you.


Media training

Individual course for important media performances

Your meeting with the journalist has been scheduled, or maybe you’ve been invited to a radio show. How exciting! Now you need to prepare well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a newspaper interview, radio or television appearance, you want to know how communicate your story accurately and powerfully. . Whatever the situation, we can help.

Individual (from 2 sessions)
100% camera free



Owning the mic

Incompany group training (from 1 day)

When you and your team deal often deal with media appearances, it’s crucial that you can convey your shared stories as powerfully as possible. Learn from each other and from Speech Republic.


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