Presentation Training

Individual development

The Magic Communicator

Individual course (from 6 sessions)

You're on stage frequently or you’ve been asked to take the stage more often. Naturally, you want to create a compelling story. This training provides you with the tools to take your presentation skills to the next level by making real impact. Discover the power of your story. This training is popular with managing directors and CEOs.


Taking the Stage

Individual course (4 days)

You enjoy giving presentations and you want to become more impactful on stage. This training teaches you fundamentally to improve your stage presence. During this personal training, you discover your inner Magic Communicator and learn a lot from other participants. This training course is popular with top level executives.


Your moment to shine

Individual course (from 3 sessions)

Do you have an important presentation coming up? This course will help you rise above yourself when it comes to powerful communication. Shine like never before and make sure the story gets the attention it deserves. Side note: it's addictive!



Inspirational days: Magic Communication

Incompany group training

Want to have 2 inspirational days with your team? Have you heard that working with Speech Republic is a magic experience? This training is tailored to fit for your team and is guaranteed to give a lot of (stage)enjoyment, help teambuilding and provide new insights.


Taking the Stage

Incompany group training (4 days)

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your team could share their clear-cut, inspiring story with the world? During this training, participants discover their basic strengths on the stage. Get to know each other even better and have fun while you're at it.


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